The CFD flow modeling division of NELS has over 10 years of experience in several areas of power generation and other industrial systems. Currently, NELS has been utilizing the Fluent 6.3.26 CFD solver and have recently upgraded our resources with upgraded hardware and more dedicated personnel to further improve and expand our modeling capabilities.

Typical projects include pollution control, combustion, and species injection optimization. Projects have included studies to determine and/or optimize system pressure losses, velocity distributions, temperature mixing, species mixing and concentrations. Studies have also been conducted to determine particulate tracking/concentration, droplet trajectories and evaporation, acoustical characteristics and heat transfer (conductive/convective and radiation)

The following equipment that has been modeled by NELS using CFD:

  • Electrostatic precipitators
  • Fabric Filter (baghouse) Installations
  • HRSG
  • PC Boilers
  • SCR systems (Coal fired/Gas fired)
  • Ammonia Injection Grids (AIG) and mixers
  • Activated Carbon Injection  (ACI) systems
  • Large Particle Ash Collection / Screens
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (WFGD and SDA)
  • Wet and Dry Stack Liners
  • Stack Exhaust Downwash
  • Ductwork systems including Fan inlets (centrifugal/ axial)

Utilizing detailed CFD models, NELS has been able to provide successful, cost effective and practical solutions for a wide range of flow related systems. However, CFD has been most successful when coupled with the NELS physical modeling process. By combining the best elements of each modeling technique, an optimized solution is developed.