NELS consulting services has a world class facility for modeling/ R&D and field testing support. Our facilities include the following:

Main Modeling/ R&D Laboratory

100,000 square feet of floor space with over 50 feet of headroom

Large industrial sized utility services (electircal/gas) enabling us to handle a variety of oversized equipment for specialized modeling applications.

Large inventory of fans totalling over 500,000 acfm with flows ranging from 500 cfm to 150,000 cfm and
pressures ranging up to 34 “ H2O

Large inventory of water pumps and flow control trains ranging from 25 gpm to 800 gpm and pressures up to 600 psig.

500 cfm of compressed air up to 150 psig
460V/600V power supplies with 1200 amps
30,000 cfm fabric filter (baghouse)
125/20 ton overhead cranes

Specialized test rigs for:

  • Mist eliminator testing
  • Full size gas fired burners
  • Nozzle (hydraulic and air atomized) testing
  • Two phase burner/coal pipe
  • Stack exit/downwash
  • Particulate fluidization
  • Erosion test facility

Fabrication Shops
NELS has over 50,000 square feet of fabrication areas including:

  • Woodworking/plastic forming shop(s)
  • Sheet metal shop
  • Welding Shop

Storage Building
NELS has 40,000 square foot storage facility for models and test rigs adjacent to our lab for ease of retrieval and quick turnaround of models should they require more extensive testing or repeat testing.

Analytical Laboratory
NELS has a complete analytical lab to measure:

  • Particle size distribution
  • Specific gravity / bulk density
  • Angle of repose
  • Moisture content
  • Gas constituents
  • Filter weights

Equipment includes a full complement of sieves/shakers/ovens and analytical scales with calibration weights.