Field Testing

The field testing services division of NELS has extensive experience testing full scale systems on-site in the areas of power generation, ferrous and non-ferrous metal production, cement and other industrial systems. Field testing is often used in conjunction with physical or CFD flow modeling in order to verify modeling or to collect information that cannot be effectively modeled.
The following list indicates NELS experience list in the area of field testing:

  • Mechanical inspection of flow related equipment including verification of flow distribution/ liquid collection devices. NELS had inspected and conducted troubleshooting on virtually all type of pollution control equipment
  • Cold air velocity tests for Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Velocity, temperature, pressure and gas constituents testing supply air and exhaust stream ductwork
  • US-EPA protocol stack /duct testing to measure the following
    • Particulate
    • Metals
    • SO2/Nox/CO/CO2
    • Dioxins/Furans
    • Hydrocarbons
    • VOC

Using the testing methods described above we have demonstrated experience in the following:

  • ESP Performance Testing (inlet/outlet particulate/power consumption/particle size analysis)
  • Fabric Filter Testing (inlet/outlet particulate/power consumption/particle size analysis)
  • SCR Performance Testing (NOx, NH3 slip, AIG tuning)
  • Scrubber (WFGD/SDA) Performance Testing
  • Air Heater Performance Testing (O2 in/out)
  • Boiler Performance and Set up
  • High temperature boiler camera inspections
  • Water cooled probes for measuring in convective sections of boilers
  • Burner (Coal/Gas/Oxy-Fuel) Optimization
  • Coal Pipe Air / Fuel Balancing
  • Combustion air / windbox flow measurement and meter calibration
  • Over fire/ Secondary set up and balancing

Although NELS can perform standard testing for EPA compliance/ RATA etc., it is our diagnostic skills that set us apart from standard stack testing groups. Using our extensive experience in solving flow related problems utilizing physical/CFD models and on-site troubleshooting/inspections we can develop solutions to performance problems on a large variety of pollution control and combustion related equipment.

We have also demonstrated capabilities in developing unique “out-of-the-box” methods of testing to further understand the system being studied. This includes the design and implementation of custom instrumentation or test methodologies which are not commercially available.

NELS field experience and capabilities in association with our strong modeling background uniquely positions us to provide the most effective solution to flow related problems in various industries.