NELS offers a range of technical and engineering services that are tailored to meet the needs of its global clientele.

NELS primary business is the building and testing of fluid flow models of air pollution control and power generation systems, and has been doing this for over three decades. NELS also has extensive experience in using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) models, alone or in conjunction with physical models to evaluate a variety of thermo-fluid phenomena to satisfy performance requirements.

The engineering team at NELS provides consulting services for fluid flow, thermal mixing, stress analysis, structural and mechanical problems as well as fabrication of specialized parts. Research and development for aero-dynamic, structural and instrumentation related problems is an area that NELS offers both support and technical expertise in, and is often sought out by large companies to aid on specific projects.

NELS employs a team of dedicated field personnel that have extensive experience with on-site testing services to evaluation of gas flow characteristics through gas cleaning installations and stress measurement in prototype structures.

Using a combination of physical and CFD models, pilot systems, on- site field testing  and troubleshooting, significant gains can be achieved in the areas of; energy consumption reduction, equipment performance improvement and minimization of maintenance issues. Since NELS has extensive experience in all of these areas, we are uniquely positioned to apply the appropriate and most cost effective combination of technologies to provide solutions for a wide variety of industries.